Wagner Farms Photo Gallery

A 39 Litter Conveyor showing how far off the ground the conveyor will set off the ground while in use.
B32 Litter Conveyor showing all demensions
This is a hopper litter conveyor showing measurements of conveyor itself and also hieght that conveyor will reach.
Litter Conveyor picture showing how high the conveyor could reach.  Also showing an example of our self contained power unit
This is a picture of 3 differant models of conveyors.  Shows the adjustable flow gate and also the heavy duty New Holland chain and cleats that we use.
This picture shows a couple of our litter conveyors finished.  Picture alsoi shows a self cantained power unit installed.  Red container pictured is the fuel tank
Custom designed litter conveyor.  Built to work best in your operation.
Being a farmer we try not to ever run out of work.  Building litter conveyors gives us a job in out of the weather.
Built our first conveyor for ourselves.  It worked so well we have continued to learn and grow from experiance that we are confident we have one of the most durable conveyors on the market for the right price.
Our growing farm.
Our growing farm.
Custom built litter conveyors.  Built to last!
more close up photos of scissor lift, wheels and tires, hydraulic hoses.
This is a picture of the service bed we built for our service truck.  No jobs are to small or to big for our shop!
Quality paint job on all of our litter conveyors.
This picture shows that the height of our conveyors can easily load semi trailers.
A#( Litter Conveyor with hitch atteached to transport.
close up picture of the power unit.
In the winter time our shop is usually full of projects
Another picture showing the details on Wagner Litter Conveyors.
This is another picture of the service truck bed we built in the shop.
Here at Wagner Farms start our turkeys in the brooder house.
This picture shows a control valve on one of our litter conveyors
This picture overlooks the old hog houses that we lifted ourselves to use for machine storage since we got out of the hog business in 2006.
primer coat on the bed we built.
We get creative with the shop space that we have.
Another picture of the grain truck bed we built.
This picture shows a bed we built in our shop for a quad axle truck.  Build from ground up.
This is a picture of divider drawers and fuel tank for service bed that we built.
Picture of the boys checking turkeys.  I love that the kids get to grow up on a farm.  They are learning so much!
The kids like to have their friends over to let them experience farm life too.
Very proud of our family farm.  Grandpa who started it all, son and son in law keeping it growing, and two boys who are very interested for now!
Joe has even designed and built our own decaker to decake the used litter in the turkey houses.  While it works good for us and we are glad to have it.  Not sure he's up for building another one.
This tractor is running a PTO driven litter conveyor.
Working cattle is a whole family project.
Picture overlooking the shop
The hitch is easy to remove so that you can get it out of the way when in use.
Self contained power unit is very handy.
Just the start to building a conveyor.
Joe made his own tile reel too.
We have delivered conveyors everywhere in all kinds of weather too.
We have delivered our conveyors all over the United States.  This picture was taken in AR.
We have put guards that are easy to open or remove to make adjustments.  Guards are also marked to warn people of any potential dangers.
self contained power unit
self contained power unit
A closer look at a self contained power unit.
A detailed closer look at a power unit on a Wagner Litter Conveyor
Instrument panal for diesel engines that we put on litter conveyors.
We put a Vangaurd engine on our conveyors for customers who want a self contained power unit.
picture of the fuel tank we put on our litter conveyors that call for a self contained power unit.
This litter conveyor is PTO driven.
Putting the conveyor together.  This is before the chain has been put in.
This is an A39 Wagner Litter Conveyor.  If you decide to go with a hydraulically driven conveyor, it will take a tractor that runs 19+ gallons per minute.
PTO driven
jack to raise and lower
removing the hitch
This jack makes it easy to raise and lower the hitch.
These pins make it very easy to remove the hitch off of the litter conveyor.
We take pride in our work!
a closer look of the tines we use on the litter rakes
Our litter rakes are made to cultivate litter in the turkey houses until turkeys are about 12-14 weeks old.  Keeping litter in good condition.
Taking a whole load of litter rakes to Kentucky turkey growers.  We put finish mower caster wheels on them so that you will not have to worry about tires going flat.  They are solid rubber.
Litter conveyors being painted
just getting started on this conveyor
PTO driven
Building the grain truck bed from the ground up!
We built this grain truck bed from the ground up also.
T rod links with angle iron cleats.  Same thing they use with New Holland box spreader.  Very durable.
The crane in the shop has sure made the job easier to build litter conveyors