About Wagner Farms...



Wagner Farms is a family owned farm in Southern Indiana of two generations.  We raise crops, cattle, and turkeys.  We also do just about anything in the shop.  While specializing in litter conveyors we are always up for new challenges.  We are also capable of cutting almost anything out of steel with our new CNC machine.

Our Vision.


The turkeys and our welding shop have brought us here today... building litter conveyors. We have been constructing litter conveyors since 2006 and delivering them all over the US.  We strive to provide the best quality for the greatest value in the business.  We take pride in the way we design our conveyors to be user friendly and long lasting.





Wagner Litter Conveyor builds custom conveyors to fit your needs, speacializing in the farming industry. Why spend a whole day cleaning out your barns when our litter conveyor can load a tractor trailer in less than 10 minutes? You can see for yourself when you watch our videos.



To tighten the chain all you have to do is loosen the jam nut and tighten the adjustment bolt on both sides evenly.
The Chain is a T-rod link with angle iron cleats.  Easy to take links out when needed for adjustment.
Hitch is easy to adjust because of the ratchet design.  Easy to take on and off so that it's out of the way.
You will need to decide how you want to power your conveyor.  We have several differant options.  This conveyor is PTO driven. 
A self contained power unit is also an option.  Gas or Diesel.  We use a 35 HP Briggs &  Straton Vangaurd gas engine.  We use a 35 HP Kabota Diesel engine.  And it has a 15 gallon fuel tank with a 45 gallon hydraulic reservoir.  We use Char-lynn hydraulic motor. We use Prince hydraulic pumps.
Hydraulically powered is also an option.  This requires a tractor with at least 19 gallons per minute or better.
Also been known to build these litter rakes for several turkey growers.  Takes a good size 4 wheeler to pull them but makes it much easier to get in and out of the buildings more often, keeping the litter in good condition.
And when we are not in the fields, you never know what kind of shop projects might be going on. Now, exploring with our New CNC plasma cutter.   So, give us a call with you fabrication needs ! 812-719-1469