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Wagner Conveyors

Model  A 39

 This type of conveyor works great to load in the middle of a house. It cuts litter handling time in half by pushing the litter to the middle.

Also works great for low ceiling heights.

Model B 32

This conveyor has an 8' hopper and works great to load manure inside or outside of buildings.

Model C32

This conveyor has a 10' hopper and works great for both inside and outside the buildings.

Model IND-A41

This industrial conveyor has a hydraulic front allowing it to get closer to the ground. This conveyor loads 26Ton in 4 minutes and has remote shutoff.

Model A41-HF

This conveyor has a hydraulic front witch allows you to get closer to the floor. It can load 26 Ton in 7 minutes.

Custom Models

We build custom conveyers for all your possible needs.

Sawdust Spreader

The Sawdust spreader allows you to spread your sawdust even and quickly throughout your turkey house's.

Litter Plow


The litter plow works great for turning over compacted litter inside your turkey house's

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